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      About UsYour location:Home - About Us

      Sichuan Shifang Jinda Chemical Co.,Ltd is a professional chemical Manufacturer with it’s factory located in Shifang city Sichuan Province since 1996 . The location of the company have rich resources and facility of communication because the company is nearby Liang Lu Kou railway station and Cheng Miang High Speed Way. The company own 65 staff members and workers, occupying an area of more than 11000m2 , with RMB 50,000,000 of assets.


      The company is professional for industrial grade phosphoric acid and fine phosphate products. The annual capacity of it’s main products are as follows:1500 mt industrial grade phosphoric acid, 3000 mt mono- ammonium phosphate, ,1300 mt mono- potassium phosphate,1000 mt tri-sodium phosphate and 3000mt food grade di-ammonium phosphate.


      The company not only have many excellent of technical personnel, but also have complete quality assurance system, such as the certification of ISO international quality assurance system. Our aim is “quality is the life of the company and reputation is assurance of the development”. Jinda Chem will work hard to develop and provide the first class products and satisfactory service to the customers. Jinda Chem sincerely welcome customers and friends from home and abroad to cooperate with us to create a brilliant future.

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